Pardot Implementation

The right automation processes like lead nurturing or lead scoring will become an engine for your marketing and sales machine. We will implement best in class solutions to ensure that this engine works efficiently.

Pardot and Salesforce Integration

Aligning marketing activities with sales needs is the key to having a clear customer journey. Having Pardot and Salesforce work together will provide your sales team with more MQLs and make the funnel more controllable.

Landing page and Email Templates

Marketing campaigns must be professional to make a difference. We create responsive landing pages and build email templates which will look cohesive across all the devices.

Pardot Campaign Management

Fully functional marketing requires a lot of routine manual work which draws employees’ attention away from more valuable tasks. Having this routine work outsourced will save time for your team, allowing them to concentrate on what really matters - marketing.

Pardot Consulting

Pardot has plenty of options for your marketing needs, both out of the box as well as required custom integrations. Our experienced consultants will analyze the specifics of your business and your business goals to suggest best practices to meet them.

Pardot Training

Managing campaigns through Pardot can be confusing. Let us be your guide. Our experts have meticulous understanding of the Pardot program options and tricks, that they can train your specialists with to fully utilize the engine to meet your company needs.

Closer look

We are a team of experts with 8 years of experience in marketing automation. We know every Pardot feature which can help you build a strong marketing automation foundation for your business.


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• what companies already use us as their guide to their marketing transformation;
• which certificates our experts have and why they can be trusted.

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Madeline Timmer

Managing Director,

The Trushin Company consultants and Paul Trushin personally were crucial in taking our Pardot instance to next level. With their help, our Pardot instance evolved from a system reliant solely on one-off emails into one based on database analysis and segmentation, continuous lead lifecycle nurturing and transparent MQL goals. During the first 4 months of our cooperation we beat our marketing goals, with 134% MQL goal attainment. I can’t recommend enough the services of the Trushin Company, they are really rockstars in what they do!

Our Benefits

We are fast

We provide real-time support for basic campaign operations and guarantee a 24 hour delivery window for most tasks.

We are certified

Our specialists are certified by Pardot, so you can be sure that we know how to make Pardot work for your business. All employees keep up to date training on Pardot to ensure they are fully utilizing the different tools Pardot offers.

We are flexible

We can start with zero hour commitment. Our plan ‘pay as you grow’ allows you to give our partnership a try so you don’t need to commit to any specific budget to get started.

We are global

Our team is spread across the globe. We have employees in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. As a team member from Canada is finishing for the day, another person from Australia is getting to work. This is how we provide around the clock campaign support.

Why you can rely on us

All of our experts have significant experience in implementing marketing automation for B2B companies. We have already implemented marketing automation for more than 100+ customers, making their marketing funnel more transparent, lead nurturing more effective, lead scoring smarter and lead-to-sale conversion rate higher.

Having worked for 8 years in the industry, we know that every business is different, so we treat every customer individually. We gain a clear vision of best practices which help us make sure that all the solutions we implement are efficient, scalable and easy to maintain. We are able to decipher and tailor the right solutions for every business. We care about our reputation, so we are just as invested in the success of your business as you are.

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